Central Dental Library of the School of Dental Medicine University of Zagreb


Welcome to the website of the Central Dental Library of the School of Dental Medicine University of Zagreb. The Central Dental Library is a higher education library that is part of the Croatian national system of science and higher education.

On this page you will get basic information about the Library, its fund, functioning, information aids, as well as numerous reference information intended for the Faculty staff and students.


Working hours

  • Library 8.00-16.00

  • Loan: 8.00-14.00

  • SIU: 12.00-19.00


  • 01/4802-152

  • e-mail biblio@sfzg.hr



Students have access to the library reading room (19 seats, 13 PCs) on the ground floor for study work and the use of the Internet: on working days from 8 am to 4 pm.

The Student Informatics Reading Room (SIU) is open on working days from 12:00 to 19:00. 10 PCs and 14 seats are available for the students.

Reservations of reading room copies should be booked in advance by 2 pm
via e-mail: biblio@sfzg.hr

A WI-FI network and a photocopier are also available to users.


How to become a library member?

To borrow or to use library materials in the reading room, students have to become a library member first.

Library membership and use of services is free.

Students are required to bring an index for enrollment, and for further borrowing of materials during the academic year, it is sufficient to bring an faculty  X-card (X- iksica).

At the end of the academic year, it is necessary to return all borrowed books and bring the index for canceling the membership.

Students can enroll in the next academic only with a confirmation that all books have been returned to the library.


How to borrow, renew, & return library materials

Print books can be checked out at the Service Desk with your X-card.

You can renew by sending an e-mail to library(et)sfzg.hr or in person.

Lending of course literature can be only once extended.

The library may refuse an extension if there is a high demand for course books.


How many books can be borrowed and for how long?

3 different items for 30 days


What if I demage or lose a book?

If user damages or loses the library material he may opt to replace lost materials or pay the replacement fees. Replacement of material is subject to library staff approval.


How to check if Libray has a book?

Use search library catalogue by title of the book, author, or keywords.  

On the search results page click on Lokacija/Signatura - all items of the requested book will be displayed with their status - item for loan (posudba) or reading room copy (do poč. nar. rad. dana). 

On the search results page, you can use the left column to Tweak Your Results.Books that are available have na polici remark


Which databases and journals do I have access to?

Please check the our databases page and list of journals. Remote access is possible by using AAI identity via NSK proxy server. 
Journals are mainly accessible only within sfzg domain.


How can I use library wi-fi?

In order to set up wi-fi on students use their AAI- identity and connect to EDUroam network. Instructions


October, 26, 2021.




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