AMCHI Project

“Committed to making a sustainable difference”

In the summer of 2012, Wisdomtooth, EDSA and Manipal University (India) made a joint effort to improve the oral health status of the people of Ladakh. A team of 44 dentists and dental students travelled to Ladakh successfully teaching the Amchi and treating over 1,200 inhabitants for medical and dental conditions. 

In summer 2013 a team of 38 dentists and dental students returned to Ladakh. Over 1,500 people were given oral health education and were provided with dental and/or medical treatement when needed.

A team of dental students and clinicians returned to Ladakh in the summer of 2014 to continue the fantastic work.

The aim of the project is to continue the training of the Amchis, provide direct care to the people from Ladakh's most remote communities and identify and train local community members how to provide basic dental care. Altogether, around 40 students and supervising dentists will be presented with the fantastic opportunity to go to Ladakh and take part in an experience of a lifetime. By doing so, the hope is to achieve a more sustainable difference in the oral health amongst the local people. 

Antun Sablek,

EDSA - AMCHI Programme: