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The final Autumn Entrance exam will be held in Zagreb (Croatia) on Sep 22 2018 at 09:00 am in the main lecture room at Gunduliceva street 5 (courtyard building, ground floor, right).

Candidates are required to bring ID card and to arrive 15 minutes before the designated time. Candidates must bring:

- ballpoint pen

- calculator with basic operations without saving option. It is not allowed to use cellular phone as calculator

Candidates will have three hours to do the test.

The address can be found HERE


Admission into the Dental Study Program in English is to be carried out according to the enrolment quotas approved by the Senate of the University of Zagreb and by conditions from the Call for applications for enrolment into the first year of integrated study. This is published in the press and on this website.




All applicants will sit the written entrance exam, consisting of 40 multiple choice questions each from physics, chemistry and biology, i.e. 120 questions in total.

Applicants for the exam in Zagreb should send their application form by September 20.

 Persons who can be enrolled in the study program in English are, in general, those who have obtained the high-school degree, which would make them eligible for studying dentistry in their respective countries:

1. High school graduates from the Republic of Croatia and diaspora / international students with a high school diploma;

2. Candidates who are BSc in natural or biomedical sciences;

3. Candidates who passed internationally recognized SAT Reasoning Test or American College Testing;


Persons with the following levels of previous education may apply for the admission exam:


• Candidates who have completed university education abroad (or a senior year college or university study of natural orientation with Biology, Chemistry or Physics as a major subject of study);

• Candidates who have completed at least four years of secondary education abroad, in a country that has an established system of external evaluation of secondary education, can be admitted to the School of Dental Medicine in Croatia, where their results of the final examinations are recognized as results of the state matura exam.

• Candidates who have completed at least four years of secondary education abroad, and have passed the SAT Reasoning Test, the results of which are used for the purpose of ranking candidates during enrolment in the English study program at the School of Dental Medicine.

• Candidates who have completed at least four years of secondary education in the Republic of Croatia, where their final examinations results are recognized as the results of the state matura exam, but they must meet a special requirement, and that is a certificate that proves the English language proficiency in speech and writing (Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Certificate in Advanced English (FCE or B2) or any other document that confirms the understanding and knowledge of the English language, if they did not have a secondary school program in English.

• Candidates who have at least four years of secondary education abroad, in a country that has not established a system of external evaluation of secondary education.




1. Completed Application form (available HERE)

2. Certificate of citizenship (for Croatian citizens) or a photocopy of the passport (for foreigners);

3. 4 photographs 4x6 cm not older than 6 months

4. Originals or certified copies of diplomas and their official translation into Croatian (including officially transcripted grades of all years of secondary school);

Additional documents on passed tests that verify previous education:

Certificate on passed exams (Transcript of Grades) and a certificate of GPA for candidates under Paragraph 4;

Result of the SAT Reasoning Test or the American College Testing, for candidates under Paragraph 4;

Result of the state matura exam as a percentage on the basis of which candidates are ranked in the home country, for candidates under Paragraph 4.

5. Certificate of the recognition of foreign education qualifications (more information HERE) for candidates who completed their previous education abroad;

6. Certificate of knowledge of the English language (one of the following): Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) minimum score 80/120, International English Language Testing System (IELTS) minimum score 6.5/9, or equivalent comparable standardized results (FCE or B2), if their previous education was not in English;

7. A CURRICULUM VITAE (LINK) and a written statement of the reasons for the study of Dental Medicine in English in Zagreb;

8. Medical certificate of general health status and psychophysical ability to study Dental Medicine in English in Zagreb (as issued by a certified and unrelated family physcian in English or Croatian languages, or officially translated);

9. Certified financial statement or confirmation (candidates, parents or institutions) necessary to finance the study;

10. Proof of payment of € 200 to the School of Dental Medicine account for the application fee. Upon successful passing of the test, there is an additional payment of € 50 for psychomotor ability test.

Payments are made in HRK according to the HNB middle exchange rate on the date of payment.(more information HERE)




Beneficiary: Stomatološki fakultet

Bank name: Zagrebačka banka

Bank address: Savska cesta 60, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

IBAN: HR7423600001101235285


As payment description please list: LAST NAME-APPL




University of Zagreb School of Dental Medicine

c/o Ms Kristina Sahula

Application for enrolment in the study of Dental Medicine in English

Petrinjska 34, Zagreb

HR-10000 Croatia

Pho. 00385 1 4807 364

Fax. 00385 1 4807 361email:




 Applications for the Autumn exam term in Croatia should be sent by September 20 2018 and the entrance exam will take place on September 22 2018 at 09:00 am at the University of Zagreb School of Dental Medicine premises, Gundulićeva 5, Zagreb.

The admission exam follows the same pattern as is for the Medical School, and covers the same syllabus as is listed at their website. More information about the entrance exam and a sample of the exam are available HERE 


Number of available places for the entrance exam terms will be announced on the official website after the entrance exams. Every subsequent entrance exam will take place only if there are available places left. Enrolment will be possible only until 20 positions have been filled.


The tuition fee is 10000 Euro (payable in HRK) per year at once or 10200 Euro (2 x 5100) payable in two installments, prior to the beginning of each semester.

The candidates who successfully pass the test of knowledge in biology, physics and chemistry and deliver all required documents will be offered a place for which a non-refundable amount of EUR 1000 (reservation) is to be paid. Ithe payment of the reservation amount isn't done timely, candidate's place will be offered to next ranking applicant.

Successful candidates who have reserved a position will also undergo the psychomotor ability test in early October.

The description of the test is available HERE


Students enroled in the English program will not at any circumstance be able to transfer to Croatian program of the School of Dental Medicine.


Candidates can personally get any additional clarification as to the procedure for the enrolment in the university study in English in the Student Registry of the School of Dental Medicine, weekdays from 12:00 to 14:00 or by contacting the email address