Student talent show "Dentakl"

On Wednesday, December the 3rd, at the Cultural Centre "Travno", students of School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb have, in front of the professors, colleagues and the general public, presented their hidden talents and skills in the form of a unique project called „DENTAKL“.

The goal of this project was the enrichment of social activities of the Association of Students of Dental Medicine, to  show another side of student life, to give suggestions to young people how to organize the little free time they have and to invite all who fear dentists for a pleasant hanging out. Part of the contributions from the tickets was intended for voluntary projects of the European Dental Students Association "Amchi" and "Pamoja".

Dentakl was held this year for the first time, but since students ambitions are big, there is enough material for the next year and thus the predisposition for „Dentakl“ becoming a tradition. Through Dentakl students of intensified their sense of belonging to the faculty and (future) profession and showed a shift away from routine academic forms. We can not wait organization of the next „Dentakl“