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It should be pointed out that the students of the School of Dental Medicine are highly interested in studying at the School which was their first choice when they applied.  

The relations between the teachers and students during studying are friendly. Special clinical practicals are held in groups of four students per one mentor throughout a very demanding timetable. The students are mostly communicative and their intellectual growth during the six years of study is obvious. According to the student questionnaires, the last few generations of students are satisfied with the study program and would choose it again. Improvements can be achieved by joint social activities of the teachers and students. 

Students of the School of Dental Medicine are very active in extracurricular sports activities. They set up a sports and a rowing section and achieve remarkable results.

Twice a year, the students publish their own journal ‘Sonda’ (Probe) in which they report on the news at the School of Dental Medicine and publish scientific papers written in cooperation with their teachers.

They are also involved in the work of EDSA, the European Dental Students Association and participate in the annual meetings.