Vision and Mission


 It is based on principles of teaching excellence, involvement of students in research and clinical work thus becoming a leading institution of higher education in the wider region in our field and therefore the first choice of future students in order to educate the finest candidates to become doctors of dental medicine.


 Our mission is to achieve excellence and an innovative approach to education, research and dental treatment with the purpose of forming a modern dentist/doctor of dental medicine capable of dealing with global and social changes and challenges and at the same time adaptable to the needs of modern society. Student and teacher mobility in accordance with the requirements of the European system of higher education and the EU labor market should be one of the priorities.  

What do we do as an institution?

The School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb is making efforts to maintain a relevant status in the national and international system of higher education.

The vision of the School of Dental Medicine is based on:

  1. historical tradition since the study program for educating future doctors of dental medicine has been carried out for 65 years already,
  2. geographical position of the University of Zagreb and regional engagement of the School’s employees,
  3. educating excellent doctors of dental medicine focused on expert work and research,
  4. creating a center of scientific-research excellence in the field of dental medicine and dental materials,
  5. enhancing the systems of quality assurance,
  6. transfer of knowledge and international recognition, 
  7. enhancement of communication technologies such as e-learning
  8. lifelong training and education of doctors of dental medicine.