This year we might have a possibility to accept a transfer students from other EU programs of Dental Medicine to our 2nd year. If you are interested in transferring to our 2nd year of study, you will be considered eligible in case that you have fully completed and passed all core basic science courses that are required at our 1st year. Those are Anatomy, Histology with Embryology, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Biochemistry. Our 1st year also comprises Ethics and several elective courses. They are favorable options, but not the necessity for transfer, and can be made up during the 2nd year.

For that matter, first please take a look at our detailed program, (available from ) and perform a preliminary comparison of programs yourself. If programs match (e.g. are 80% similar by topics, contents and number of hours), there is a probability that you are eligible. In this case, send us the request and official details of courses you attended. Please follow instructions on shape and authenticity as are described below under Guidelines for recognition of previously completed courses in other universities. Our teaching staff will compare programs and decide if you can be enrolled to our 2nd year.

We will only accept transfer to our 2nd year, and not to any of higher years.

The application fee is 200 Euro. You will be requested to provide a proof of payment before we can send your documents for recognition.

The deadline for request to transfer is July 1 2021.

Please contact Ms Kristina Sahula for all initial information at 

Dario Đurasović
Published: 2018-04-09 at 10:12
Edited: 2021-03-03 at 10:49
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