Teacher of the School of Dental Medicine

During the professional practice, your work will be supervised by two mentors:


·         Faculty mentor, teacher at the School of Dental Medicine,

·         Non-faculty mentordoctor of dental medicine from dental office in which professional practice is carried out.



The faculty mentor is the contact person to whom you contact in case of problems during the professional practice.

 Your obligations towards your faculty mentor are listed in the Student’s Professional Practice Handbook. 

On completion of the professional practice, the faculty mentor enters the student's professional practice in the student grade book (index), but not before the presentation of the duly completed Student’s Professional Practice Handbook, and the completed and signed Final Certificate of the non-faculty mentor on the completed professional practice, which is an integral part of the handbook. In case of illness or going on vacation during the professional practice, the non-faculty mentor must notify the faculty mentor via e-mail.