Some of students who enroll have been studying at various biomedical university programs within the EU. Only courses that have been held by university degree level programs (programs such as dentistry, medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, biochemistry, molecular biology, etc.) and not programs from professional schools (dental hygiene, dental assisting, dental technology), can be considered for partial or full recognition. This generally accounts only for studies  done in EU states.

The process can be initiated by student after the study program has started. The process is governed and executed by our teaching staff. Our teaching staff are given the mandate by School’s administration to be the most relevant persons for performing this task. They will make judgement if programs match in extent and in depth, and if a particular course may be recognized. Teaching staff have discretionary right for their own judgement regarding any particular request. Having course recognized is a possibility, not the right.

In order to process your request for recognition of previously taken courses and passed exams, we would need your written and signed request with:

- a list of our courses that you want to have recognized, and

- a list of the courses and exams that you had and passed at your previous institution, which you consider equal to the program you would be taking.

In order to legally substantiate your request, it needs to be accompanied with either:

- originals of the list of courses you attended and passed, stamped and signed by your previous institution, or:

- documents proving the list of courses you attended and passed, including grades you earned, digitally signed by your previous institution in pdf.

Digital signature is Adobe’s function and is described here:

Either of those should also be officially available (or translated) in English language.

In addition, we require a detailed description of program (topics, hours, type of exam(s)...), so that a process of comparison and recognition can be executed. If the detailed program is too large for signing and stamping of each page, it would be sufficient to provide a direct link to your previous university’s official web page which contains those details in English language. If this isn’t available, you will need to provide a proof of program’s contents.

Please note that your documents originate from a foreign university. Universities have their specific standards of communication and particular ways of issuing official reports. Thus, our teaching staff performing the recognition might need additional information which help in understanding your report. Therefore, those documents should be presented in a logical order. You should do your best to provide all necessary explanations and guidance from your side, so that teaching staff can understand it easily and be able to perform this task without any doubts and without the unnecessary waste of energy by trying to collate your unsorted data. If data aren’t presented in the neat and logical manner, and if they aren’t accompanied with explanations necessary for immediate understanding, your request will not be processed.

This process sometimes might require a great deal of communication between student, teaching staff and School's administration, so it would be in everyone's best interest that all documents are simple to read and that they contain instant proof of authenticity.

Please contact Ms Kristina Sahula for all initial information at

Dario Đurasović
Published: 2018-04-09 at 10:09
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